Horizon Ligating Clips


SATYA SALES provide original Horizon ligating clips for vessels exactly tip to tip.

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Horizon Ligating Clips

Weck®D Metal Ligating Clips are single-use, non-absorbable, non-active implantabledevices designed for use in general surgical procedures that require vessel or tissueligation. Each product line possesses a unique design necessary for compatibility with its appropriate Weck® ligating clip applier. The clips are available in a range ofsizes, allowing the end user to ligate a wide range of vessels and tissue structures.Weck® Metal Ligating Clips are manufactured from medical grade titanium, tantalumor stainless steel alloys and are provided prepackaged in color-coded cartridges,which are provided as single-use, sterile devices.Accessories to the Weck® Metal Ligating Clips include manual clip appliers and removers for use in both general open and endoscopic procedures. Both the appliersand removers are multiple use, non-sterile devices that require cleaning andsterilization prior to each use.

Superior Titanium Ligation platform helps surgeons with secure and strong clips with convenient, efficient easy load cartridge system

Because Horizon ligating clip's V or heart shape, it covers tissues exactly tip-to-tip closure.

SATYA SALES having good stock of Teleflex Horizon ligating clip's.

That's the reason Horizon Ligating clips are more useful for surgeons, nurses, and other operating room personnel.

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