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BMW Guide Wire

Satyasales a leading seller of BMW Guide Wire in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and NCR provides authentic Abbott Balance Middle weight guide wire in North India. We deals abbott products since 2011 and also dealing in various cardiac surgical products used in implantation of various Cardiology / Cardiac Surgery The company was established in 2011.

Balance Middle Weight Guide Wire

Balance Middle Weight Guide Wire

Balance Middle Weight Guide Wire

SATYA SALES having good stock of Abbott BMW Guide Wire Has Two Coatings for Easier Movement.

BMW Guide Wire aqua coating give it ability to not to absorb water, which makes device movement easier over the adjacent section of the wire.

Balance Middle Weight Guide Wire has diameter of .014. It comes in either a J or straight tip having lengths of 300 and 190 cm.


Several properties are desirable in an ideal guidewire, but no single guidewire may possess all of them. Guidewires must be chosen based on the requirement of an individual case.

Push transmission/steerability: The ability of a guide wire tip to be delivered to the desired position in a vessel.

Torque transmission: The ability to transmit rotational forces from the operators hand to the tip. It allows the turning of the distal tip, with the application of a torquer device. Unicore design and increased thickness of the core contribute to its increased torqueability.

Body support/ trackability: It is the ability to advance balloon catheters or other interventional devices on the guidewire.

Tip support/mobility: Allows moving the distal tip to search for the true lumen.

Flexibility: The ability to bend with direct pressure. It is determined by the ability to bend the tip of the central core, to the distal tip of the wire. It is important in minimizing vascular trauma.

Tip durability/elasticity: Permits shape memory retention of the distal tip throughout the entire procedure. Special material in wire tip may provide for tip durability i.e. Durasteel ™ alloy (which is 25% stronger than stainless steel) used in Abbott Vascular family of guidewires.

Tip visibility and markers: Allows for accurate visualization of distal tip in the vessel lumen. Markers help in estimation of lesion length and aid in choice of length of balloon catheters and stents. However, unnecessary radio-opacity may mask some lesion anatomy, i.e. dissection.

Durability of the wire: It implies a kink resistance, so the wire can be used for multiple lesions.

Tactile feedback: It is the “feel” of the wire tip’s

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