Hem O Lok Ligating Clips


Weck Hem o lok clips are non absorbable polymer lock clips which gives cool and safe ligation, these clips locks onto vessel. Weck Hem-o-lok® clipsare available in Extra-Large, Large and Medium-Large sizes. Weck Hem-o-lok® polymer clips is radiolucent, nonconductive, inert and dont cause any problem with X Ray or CT Diagonostics.


Hem O Lok Ligating Clips

For open and laparoscopic surgery Hem-o-lok clips are used and the reason behind is it's innovative ligation system that combines security of a 2.0 surgical incision. Hem-o-lok provides safe and secure surgical without the complications. The Hem-o-lok are made up of inert polymer which is Non-absorbable .

At SATYA SALES you got the Hem-o-lok clips in 3 sizes i.e Medium-Large, Large, and Extra-Large.

Weck Hem-o-lok Polymer Locking Ligation System

You feel secure by using number 1 locking ligitation system.

Tied up with the Da Vince surgical systems since 2007

Hem O Lok Ligation Clips has back up of 84 peer-reviewed articles to prove it's performance, That's enough evidence to out perform other polymer clips

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