Balloon Tip Pacing Lead

Balloon Tip Pacing Lead

Satya Sales is seller of Balloon Tip Pacing Lead of BARD in Noida, Grurugram or gurgaon, ghaziabad and Delhi NCR or North India.

Distributor of Bard Balloon Tip Pacing Lead

Bard Temporary Pacing Electrode Catheters are designed and built with the quality that has been a BD trademark for more than 25 years. Their unique construction provides many clinical benefits as outlined below:

  1. Reduces the need for repositioning, saving physician time and minimizing patient discomfort.
  2. Enables the electrode to maintain contact with the endocardium, assuring consistent pacing and sensing.
  3. Facilitates easy and accurate placement, even in difficult anatomies, which may reduce procedure time.
  4. Proprietary manufacturing process yields an ultra-smooth coating and polished surface.
  5. BD offers a full line of electrodes for most temporary pacing needs.

Bard Balloon Tip Pacing Lead Features & Benefits

  1. The NBIH™ and GOETZ™ catheter lines are ideal for use in the cath lab or the critical care unit when fluoroscopy is available..
  2. The Balloon Flow-Assisted catheter line is suited for emergency cases and in critical care units where fluoroscopy is not readily available.
  3. The Semi-Floating and Special Care catheters offer a cost effective alternative to the NBIH™ and GOETZ™ catheters.
  4. The ZUCKER™, MYLER™ catheters are open-lumen diagnostic pacing catheters useful during right heart procedures and critical care unit monitoring.

Bard Balloon Tip Pacing Lead Basic Specification

First Electrode Distal Tip
Length 110 cm usable
Second Electrode 1 cm proximal
Size 5 Fr

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